The teamWhat is The Major Game Company?

The Major Game Company is a small, independent games studio that began life in Kajaani, one of the rapidly growing industry hubs of Finland. It was founded on March 2015 as the team began working full-time on their first game, Combat Racers. The company got together as a team of five young and talented individuals, later adding two people to temporarily help with the development of Spamketing.


Currently, the Major Game Company is still a small, awesome indie studio of four talented individuals located in Tampere, Finland.

The Major Game Company strives to bring awesome, fast-paced, retro-inspired games for gamers. All of the members of the team are avid gamers themselves, ranging from casual games on mobile to investing themselves into Pen-And-Paper RPGs. We believe in games as the interactive form of media, giving gamers intense experiences in a way traditional media can’t.