The game of indie marketing

You have made your game.

It took lots of hard work. You poured your heart into your work and created your very own game! But now you’re ready. It’s finally finished, complete and just waiting to be released.

But you’re not done yet.

What’s this? The internet is full of other great games, just like yours! How will anyone take notice of your very own game and play it? The answer, of course… Is via Spamketing.

This is only the beginning.

Spamketing is a light-hearted game about marketing your game to the masses in an effort to get visibility for yourself. You will take on the role of Tony Lee Anton, a lone indie developer. You will work hard at getting fans for your game and replies to your emails, only giving yourself a short respite to sleep. Are you ready for a week in the life of an indie game developer?


  • Fast-paced, simple gameplay
  • Your very own game (kinda)!
  • Twitter integration to help you brag to everyone about your score!
  • No annoying ads or in-app purchases

                                                       Screenshot_2015-09-26-11-34-44   Screenshot_2015-09-26-11-32-16   Screenshot_2015-09-26-11-33-34

Spamketing has been released!

Spamketing has been released on Google Play and is available for all android phones and tablets.